What can the Isle of Man do for China?

It’s in Europe, but it’s not. It’s part of Britain, but it’s not. Dominic Swire talks to Michael Charlton from the Isle of Man government about the unique status of this island, what it can offer China and why this small economy has been booming when much of the rest of Europe has not. . […]

US Prof: China Needs More Western Art (pt1/3)

Professor Donald Stone is an American expert on western art. For 30 years he’s taught here at Peking University, helping to build up what he says may be the only permanent public collection of western art in China. It’s a project close to the professor’s heart as he believes China needs more exposure to classical […]

Enter the Dragon – a New Chinese Superhero?

You may have heard Spider-Man creator Stan Lee plans to introduce the world to the Annihilator, a new Chinese superhero. . Well, Mr Lee (who’s not Asian), may have a fight on his hands – he’s not the only one with the idea. . Summer 2013 will see the release of Dragon Resurrection, a graphic […]

Seth Looks Back

Dominic Swire talks to fellow CRI video reporter Seth Coleman about his best work of 2012, the challenges of shooting in difficult locations, and where he doesn’t want to go on holiday… . Watch on Youtube or Youku

Nixon in China – “I was there”

It’s been described as the week that shook the world. Forty years ago in February 1972, US President Richard Nixon made a surprise visit to China, paving the way for diplomatic relations between the two nations. . US diplomat Nicholas Platt was there. He recently spoke to Dominic Swire about his experiences meeting Richard Nixon, […]

Austrian Ambassador: Chinese Relations Boosted after President’s Visit

. CRI’s Dominic Swire is in conversation with Austria’s Ambassador to China, Dr. Martin Sajdik. Ambassador Sajdik talks about the importance of Vienna’s relationship with Beijing, the outcomes of the Austrian president’s recent visit to China, and his country’s upcoming participation at the Shanghai Expo. . http://english.cri.cn/7146/2010/02/08/164s548650.htm

In conversation with China Central Television’s James Chau

. CRI’s Dominic Swire is in conversation with James Chau, one of the main anchors on CCTV9, China Central Television’s English language service. James explains how he made the journey from growing up in England to becoming a familiar face on Chinese TV, his charity work behind the scenes with the UN, and how to […]

British Travel Agent’s Love for North Korea

. After graduating in the UK as a landscape architect Nick Bonner first travelled to Beijing in 1993 as a university lecturer. Over 15 years later he is still here during which time he opened the city’s first live music venue, produced a couple of film documentaries, started his own travel agency and developed a […]