Taking Off-Road Wheelchairs for a Spin

What do you get when you cross a mountain bike with a wheelchair? It may sound like a joke, but one inventor in Manchester has come up with a solution. And it’s a lot of fun! WATCH ON YOUTUBE #mountaintrike Tweets Tweet Follow @dominicswire

Show Time – White Collar Boxing in China

After 12 weeks of hard training Cat “Monster” Nelson steps into the ring for the fight of her life. (Part 4) . Watch on Youtube or Youku . Watch part 1 on Youtube or Youku . Watch part 2 on Youtube or Youku . Watch part 3 on Youtube or Youku . Tweets about “#whitecollarboxing” […]

A Bout Time – White Collar Boxing in Beijing

Just days before the fight of their lives, Cat and Barbara visit the gym for the final session of their 12 week boxing course. How well are they prepared for the big event? (Part 3) . Watch on Youtube or Youku . Watch part 1 on Youtube or Youku . Watch part 2 on Youtube […]

A Fighting Chance – White Collar Boxing in China

Six weeks ago, Barbara Chen O’Connell started white collar boxing. This is a sport that teaches complete amateurs how to box–with the aim of entering a competitive tournament, if they’re good enough. But has Barbara done enough to impress the coaches? (part 2) . Watch on Youtube or Youku . Watch part 1 on Youtube […]

Could 2014 (the year of the horse) see gambling legalised in China?

As Chinese people are growing richer, sports once reserved for the rich are growing in popularity. Horse riding is one of them. The industry is booming with a number of prestigious jumping and showmanship competitions now taking place in China, such as the Beijing Masters, the FEI world cup and the Sherwood Grand Prix. But […]

Why Chinese fans love Football

China may have missed out – once again – on qualifying for the World Cup, but that’s done nothing to dampen local enthusiasm for the domestic game. Chinese club games regularly attract tens of thousands of fans. Beijing’s top team Guoan is one of the biggest with many supporters coming just to watch the players […]

12 Weeks to learn how to fight – can these girls do it?

Beijing is soon to host a fight tournament with a difference. They call it ‘White Collar Boxing’. All contestants – both men and women – are amateurs, some of whom have never fought before in their life. A rigorous 12 week training schedule aims to prepare them for the ring. Dominic Swire drops in on […]

Vertical runners take racing in China to a whole new level

Over 600 racers from China and beyond enter China’s first ever Vertical Run. In this sport runners have to reach the top of the building without taking a lift. The official Vertical Running Circuit includes the Empire State Building in New York, Taiwan’s Taipei 101 tower, and now Beijing’s tallest skyscraper. . Watch on Youtube […]