Chinese Zoo Struggles to be a Roaring Success

Illegal poaching remains a serious threat to wild tigers in Asia, according to a new report from the World Wide Fund for Nature. It says the number of seizures of illegal tiger products across the region is rising, with China accounting for around 9 percent. . Meanwhile the battle of maintaining captive tigers is also […]

Heroes of Ice

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival has been pulling in crowds since the 1980s. Preparing for the event is a huge task and is carried out by China’s unsung hero: the migrant worker. . Watch on Youtube or Youku

Chillin’ in Harbin (literally)

If you think the weather’s getting cold, spare a thought for the local residents of Harbin city in northeast China. Each winter they have to endure temperatures around minus twenty degrees centigrade. But despite the freezing weather the city is a fascinating place to visit, as CRI’s Dominic Swire finds out. . Watch on YouTube […]