US Prof: China Needs More Western Art (pt1/3)

Professor Donald Stone is an American expert on western art. For 30 years he’s taught here at Peking University, helping to build up what he says may be the only permanent public collection of western art in China. It’s a project close to the professor’s heart as he believes China needs more exposure to classical […]

The International Ties that Bind

It’s been described as one of most important international relationships in the world. And this year marks the 40th anniversary. Japan and China officially established diplomatic ties in September 1972. Since then the two countries have shared many ups and downs in what has often been a tense relationship. Recent diplomatic spats and disputes over […]

The World’s Most Important Relationship

. As the American election nears, how will the result affect relations between the US and China? Why is there so much misunderstanding between these two countries and how can both sides work to improve ties? . Julia Chang Bloch is perhaps uniquely positioned to answer these questions. The first ever Chinese-American Ambassador and head […]

American Kids Turning Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is becoming an increasingly popular language to learn. Now one school in Washington DC is taking classes to a whole new level. Dominic Swire has more. .