Xinjiang Philharmonic Orchestra Performs Peony

Founded in 1996, the Xinjiang Philharmonic Orchestra is made up of many ethnic groups, including over 30 Han Chinese, 18 Uyghurs, 4 Hui, one Kazak, one Tajik and five Xibe. It specialises in turning folk music into symphonies, such as the one featured in this video: Peony. . Watch on Youtube or Youku

12 Weeks to learn how to fight – can these girls do it?

Beijing is soon to host a fight tournament with a difference. They call it ‘White Collar Boxing’. All contestants – both men and women – are amateurs, some of whom have never fought before in their life. A rigorous 12 week training schedule aims to prepare them for the ring. Dominic Swire drops in on […]

A Rare Chance to See China’s CPPCC

Contrary to popular belief, China is not a one party state. The country’s home to several political parties in addition to the Communist party. They’re represented in the CPPCC, or the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. But what is this organisation, and how does it work? . We attempt to answer these questions in a […]

Sound and Food of Xinjiang’s Hui People

The Hui people make up one of 55 ethnic minority groups living in China. Many of them live in Changji prefecture in Xinjiang. Dominic Swire recently visited to sample the sound and food of the area. . Watch on Youtube or Youku

Stepping up for Beijing’s First Vertical Run

. They say taking the stairs is healthy. Some people like the activity so much they turned it into a sport – which is now coming to Beijing. Dominic Swire has more. . For more information about the Vertical run race, you can go to . Watch on Youtube or Youku

Scientist Marvels at Chinese-made New World Cup Ball

It’s been described as “horrible” by England’s David James, “rotten” by Spain’s Iker Casillas, and in danger of “ruining the world cup,” according to Italy’s Gianluigi Buffon. The world’s top goalkeepers were all referring to the new ball specifically designed for the world cup by Adidas and manufactured in China. CRI’s Dominic Swire spoke to […]

Great Wall Marathon

Saturday May 15 saw runners from across the world descend on China’s Great Wall to run a marathon across it. I was one of them and managed to record this report in between breaths: . . . And here’s an interview I made with Guo Feng, one of the main organisers of the marathon, […]

China’s Lifeline Express – An Eye Hospital on Wheels

According to government statistics there are around 4 million cataract sufferers in China. Although the condition can be cured with a simple operation, many sufferers, especially those living in rural areas, are unable to find the help they need. CRI’s Dominic Swire investigates one charity that addresses this problem by bringing the hospital to the […]

Austrian Ambassador: Chinese Relations Boosted after President’s Visit

. CRI’s Dominic Swire is in conversation with Austria’s Ambassador to China, Dr. Martin Sajdik. Ambassador Sajdik talks about the importance of Vienna’s relationship with Beijing, the outcomes of the Austrian president’s recent visit to China, and his country’s upcoming participation at the Shanghai Expo. .

British Travel Agent’s Love for North Korea

. After graduating in the UK as a landscape architect Nick Bonner first travelled to Beijing in 1993 as a university lecturer. Over 15 years later he is still here during which time he opened the city’s first live music venue, produced a couple of film documentaries, started his own travel agency and developed a […]