Folk Music from Turpan, Xinjiang

Xinjiang’s twenty million population is made up of 47 ethnic groups. In this video we visit Turpan, a region mainly populated by Uyghur people, and listen to some local music. . Watch on Youtube or Youku . Tweets about “xinjiang music” . Tweet . Follow @dominicswire

Urumqi’s Night Market – street food, Xinjiang-style

Sample the atmosphere of Urumqi’s night market just south of Nanhu Lake in the centre of the city. About a kilometre of street snacks, fruit and vege and even an outdoor clothes shop if you want to pick up a bargain. The place is full of atmosphere: music pumping from the shops, sizzling grills, Chinese […]

Breakdancing in Urumqi

Summer evenings in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang in China, are full of people singing, playing games, strolling around… and breakdancing. . Watch on Youtube or Youku

Xinjiang Philharmonic Orchestra Performs Peony

Founded in 1996, the Xinjiang Philharmonic Orchestra is made up of many ethnic groups, including over 30 Han Chinese, 18 Uyghurs, 4 Hui, one Kazak, one Tajik and five Xibe. It specialises in turning folk music into symphonies, such as the one featured in this video: Peony. . Watch on Youtube or Youku