Dominic Swire Reports…

. A compilation of some of my best work. Watch on Youtube or Youku. . Featured reports include: . Duolemeidi – Skiing Italian-style in China Football – the number one game in China? Bodybuilding with Chinese Characteristics Training with the Mongolian Wolf Chinese “eye exercises” not working American Kids Turning Chinese US Election – Views […]

Seth Looks Back

Dominic Swire talks to fellow CRI video reporter Seth Coleman about his best work of 2012, the challenges of shooting in difficult locations, and where he doesn’t want to go on holiday… . Watch on Youtube or Youku

Behind the Scenes of the Chinese Pavilion

. The theme of the Yeosu Expo in South Korea is how cities can successfully exist by the ocean. Many countries have pavilions at the exhibition and China’s is one of the biggest. Dominic Swire recently visited to see what they have on offer.

China Pavilion More Popular than Expo

It’s a showcase of culture and technology from across the world. This year the World Expo is being held in the South Korean city of Yeosu. Many organizations and countries have pavilions on site. One of the most popular is China. But despite the wealth of entertainment on offer, Expo organizers are struggling to attract […]

Preparing for a Photo Finish

Beijing’s Caochangdi international photography exhibition may only be three years old but is already making a name for itself. The event includes around 30 exhibitions at various locations across Beijing. It runs until the end of May 2012. . . More information here