Ice Swimming – the key to eternal youth?

It’s supposed to increase vigor, strengthen the immune system and improve your mood. At least, that’s what fans of the sport say. Taking a dip in temperatures as low as -30°C may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for a group of pensioners in northern China’s Heihe city, it’s a way of life. . […]

Bodybuilding with Chinese Characteristics

China’s bodybuilding scene may be small. Chinese bodybuilders are anything but… . . There are not many people on this planet that can make Arnold Schwarzenegger look small. . Ronnie Coleman is one of them. The 8 time world champion bodybuilder was recently in China to promote his own line of protein supplements and check […]

Ouch! Science Shows Benefits of Acupuncture

Ouch! Science Shows Benefits of Acupuncture . Acupuncture, or the art of sticking needles into people to improve their health, has been a popular alternative medicine for thousands of years, even though we don’t know exactly how it works. But science may be on the verge of changing this. Dominic Swire has more. .