Faking it – the art of Chinese auctions

China’s art market is now the biggest in the world. In 2011 it generated 18 billion dollars. But success has attracted accusations of corruption. So how long can the good times last? . Watch the video on Youku Watch the video on YouTube  

Chinese Kids Taste American Football

Sixty two countries have official American football teams. Yet the sport’s still not recognised as an Olympic competition. One man thinks he can change this by introducing the game to China. And he’s starting with kids as young as four.

Japan – 12 months after the Tsunami

. The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 decimated many coastal areas in the northeast of the country. One year on, how is the country coping – and is this likely to happen again?

Nixon in China – “I was there”

It’s been described as the week that shook the world. Forty years ago in February 1972, US President Richard Nixon made a surprise visit to China, paving the way for diplomatic relations between the two nations. . US diplomat Nicholas Platt was there. He recently spoke to Dominic Swire about his experiences meeting Richard Nixon, […]

Nanshan Ski Village – a review

. A review of Beijing’s Nanshan Ski Villlage and a demonstration that there is more than one way to come down a ski slope… . Also published here: http://english.cri.cn/6566/2009/12/21/1881s536869.htm

Jundushan Ski Resort – a review

. The first thing that strikes you on a visit to Jundushan Ski Resort is the facilities: the main building is large, clean and modern, and their payment system is well organised. There is a long row of ticket kiosks just to the left of the entrance where you can pay for your ski pass […]