Ice Swimming – the key to eternal youth?

It’s supposed to increase vigor, strengthen the immune system and improve your mood. At least, that’s what fans of the sport say. Taking a dip in temperatures as low as -30°C may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for a group of pensioners in northern China’s Heihe city, it’s a way of life. . […]

Can Snow Polo Attract China’s Super Rich?

So, you’re building a two billion dollar property development and need to attract the super rich to fill it. How to get the word out? One solution is to hold the largest polo tournament in the world – on snow. (Photo: Courtesy of Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club) . Watch on Youtube or Youku

Chinese Kids Taste American Football

Sixty two countries have official American football teams. Yet the sport’s still not recognised as an Olympic competition. One man thinks he can change this by introducing the game to China. And he’s starting with kids as young as four.

A Diabolic Hobby

. The Chinese have been spinning diabolos for a thousand years. We visit a festival in Beijing to see what all the fuss is about.

Training with the Mongolian Wolf

Dominic joins one of China’s top fighters to talk martial arts. . . Although martial arts is often associated with China, it’s not a popular spectator sport in the country. International fight promoter UFC plans to change that by bringing a mixed martial arts tournament to Macao in 2012. The event will see specialists in […]

Bodybuilding with Chinese Characteristics

China’s bodybuilding scene may be small. Chinese bodybuilders are anything but… . . There are not many people on this planet that can make Arnold Schwarzenegger look small. . Ronnie Coleman is one of them. The 8 time world champion bodybuilder was recently in China to promote his own line of protein supplements and check […]